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An Overview Of The Appellate Process

If you have been convicted of a crime, your case is not necessarily over. America’s court systems have a mechanism in place to have your case reviewed by a higher court to determine if any error occurred before, during or after the trial. Appeals are necessary to correct wrongful convictions, sentencing errors or legal errors during trials. However, an appeal is time-sensitive, so it is important you contact The Atkins Firm, P.C., right away.

Should the Court of Criminal Appeals rule against you, your case may be eligible for consideration by the Alabama Supreme Court, the United States Supreme Court or another federal court depending on the issues and circumstances surrounding your case. Ms. Atkins is an experienced appellate lawyer who can guide you through this process, and her winning record speaks to her success. Her most notable and recent wins include the following:

  1. Lorenzo Greene v. State of Alabama 
  2. Edward Earl Woods v. State of Alabama​
  3. L.S. v. A.S. 
  4. Bobby Joe Allen v. State of Alabama
  5. Alfonso Collier v. State of Alabama
  6. Michael Norton v. State
  7. Thien Nguyen v. State
  8. Jessie James Watkins v. State

Courts Of Practice

Erin Atkins has over 10 years of experience handling appeals and has filed in all Alabama appellate courts as well as those included in the region’s federal circuit. In 2017, Ms. Atkins was sworn into the United States Supreme Court Bar by Chief Justice Roberts, enabling her to present cases to the United States Supreme Court. She is able to represent you in appeals to the following courts:

  • The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals
  • The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeal
  • The Alabama Supreme Court
  • The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • The United States Supreme Court

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